During menopause, a woman becomes very vulnerable to the development of many diseases. The organs of the genitourinary system are most susceptible to changes. One of the diseases associated with changes in hormonal levels is kraurosis.

This is a serious lesion of the external genital organs, which is characterized by their atrophy and wrinkling. Deficiency of the hormone estrogen caused by age-related changes leads to impaired regeneration of the vulvar mucosa. Often women simply do not know to whom a specialist can turn to with such a problem, leaving it unattended. That is why it is very important to know: kraurosis is a gynecological pathology that belongs to precancerous conditions!

Symptoms characteristic of kraurosis

The main complaint of patients is a constant, painful, debilitating itching in the perineum. It can get worse at night, with hot baths and increased physical activity. Such women are characterized by loss of pubic hair, cracks in the vulva. Sexual life brings discomfort, or it is simply impossible due to the complete or partial infection of the vaginal opening.

All this sharply reduces the quality of life of a woman. Depression appears, maladjustment, family relationships deteriorate. Sometimes pronounced symptoms lead the patient to neuropsychic changes, depriving her of her ability to work.

Ignoring krauose not only disrupts a woman’s social life, but also increases the risk of developing cancer.

How to treat vulvar kraurosis?

Kraurosis is very difficult to treat. Usually, therapy includes drugs and ointments that reduce itching and moisturize the vulva. The effectiveness of such treatment depends on the severity of the process and the regenerative capabilities of the body.

A rather effective method is used – photodynamic therapy. As a result of treatment, blood circulation in the affected areas of the vulva improves, itching is eliminated, the skin becomes more elastic, and the patient’s quality of life improves.

Particular attention should be paid to the diet. Too much pepper, salt and sugar can provoke or worsen itching. Such food should be eliminated and replaced with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Forecast and prevention of vulvar kraurosis

It is impossible to completely restore the condition of the vulva affected by kraurosis. But doctors are able to prevent the progression of the disease and relieve painful symptoms. The best prevention of such a problem is regular preventive examinations with a gynecologist.

A specialist can identify the disease at an early stage and prescribe a comprehensive treatment that will help stop the development of the process.

The importance of proper nutrition and personal hygiene, adequate sleep and stress avoidance should be remembered.